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The Fates want their opinions heard and given form through any oracle they may deem worthy: rock, crystal, card table, mirror... Fortune Telling: Thousands think that humans can foresee the future or receive messages from a higher power. A large number of people in the West make use of this divination tool to settle their problems in life with reference to their dreams, fate, and lived experience.


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The need for destiny is very much ingrained in the human psyche. In times of uncertainty, it provides a point of comfort, a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. Tarot cards are used to read one’s destiny in the modern era. Readers around the world sidestep geographic limits when it comes to spirituality. For anyone who seeks dependable assistance in understanding the meaning of life.


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Every person is a type of Shaman visiting dimensions from the future, engaged in passages from their own Soul Journey embracing their self-referential mysticism. Fortune Telling and Rainbow Cult: both seek answers by unlocking the subconscious, including the interpretation of dreams. It moves people to unlock both their conscious and subconscious minds by peering behind the veil of mystery to discover more about “the unknown”.

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Also sometimes called cartomancy, a card-based divination tool which may be interpreted for virtually any purpose, Tarot cards are often used to answer questions about a person’s past, present and future. They can be used to predict what will happen if certain actions are taken or what will happen if nothing changes. Readings are done in a spread by readers or fortune tellers. The cards are used for divination, which is the process of predicting future events or revealing hidden knowledge. They are believed to possess magical powers, and to possess the ability to predict the future of a person based on different aspects ranging from relationships, love, wealth, health and communications from spirit-entities. Used for both entertainment, as well as for divination, some would say that they’re symbolic representations of humanity’s subconscious projections.

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Community, Lifestyle & Guidance

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It's In The Cards

It is believed that cards and their patterns can reveal hidden prophecy and that messages and pictures on the cards will majestically unfold your destiny to become your living divinity. Spread out these ancient symbols, and while you gaze deeply within, treasure this precious illustration of ancient enigmatic lore. The Answer is in the Cards.

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The ancient mysteries, religions and cultures learned how personal, devotional and inner worldviews influenced the aspirations of every individual by unlocking unconscious secrets that help with happiness and spiritual answers on questions of personal development.

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Crystal Clear

Nomad Culture is based on horoscopes, astrology, numerology, the interpretation of dreams and symbols. These lifelong insights come together to help you unlock the subconscious, maximizing your destiny's potential. Divination methods like fortune telling and tarot reading to foresee the future is also prevalent in the Rainbow Culture.

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Most of the time we can prognosticate remotely. There are certain circumstances that are better handled in person. Certainly, remote assistance spares you exposure to the latest epidemiology. So get in touch an we’ll make some plans.

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