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The Gypsy lifestyle is full of charms and mysteries. Their culture belongs to the deepest root of primeval divination, therefore their language comes from archaic idioms and rhymes. These populations, who belong to nomadic groups or tribes share a common history and they trend toward matrilineal, assigning priority to women and children (rather than men).

The list of gypsies’ customs is long: they sell sacrificial animals’ meat on the streets; they read the signs for events; practice fortune telling based on astrology and gleaned from signs or celestial phenomena; glean information that could undo back luck by performing rituals such as throwing (adding) water into a pot boiling over an open flame; use special tools such as goats blood smeared on wheels to create ritualistic circular marks on the ground, believed to inspire blessings to those who can read these encrypted messages.

We can investigate Tarot from its Eurocentric traditional background understanding how it reflects and interacts with our modern culture


Where life plays out as an endless series of migrations; those who travel find adventure, those who stand still find time and dread…

— Charles Bukowski, “Nomadic Lifestyle”

Traditionally, the “nomad” is a person from a culture that is constantly traveling from place to place with the seasons, engaged in what some have called pastoralism and others have called a wandering lifestyle.

There are many tribes all around the world, including those who were previously engaged in herding animals. For centuries herding animals was one of the main ways these societies provided sustenance and survival through agriculture.

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The indigenous herding populations, Gypsies, Tribal Nomads, etc. of the world are ancient and mysterious. Throughout history many tribes have adopted a wandering itinerant lifestyle, subsisting off their herds of sheep, cattle, horses and goats. Wherever we are still finding some nomadic groups of people living in the world today, Bakhtiari, Qashqai, etc., we also encounter – Fortune Telling- which thrives in this culture of mystery. Many Romani Gypsies follow a basic idea that is based off an old belief that mirrors the Hindu concept “karma”, which is that one’s actions or intent has caused their own suffering (or bounty) in this lifetime. In such cases, one’s Fate or Destiny will follow them—in turn they will come back to obtain the opposite result themselves in the next life through resolution which turns previous misfortune into blessings. From out of such cultures comes Divination (‘fortune telling’), which always surfaces as the key to unlocking the subconscious mind for personal growth, healing, and creative expression.