What is Metaphysical Qabalah

Qabalah Classes in Greensboro NCMetaphysical Qabalah

The following was found from one of our old websites going back to (2012):

Metaphysical Qabalah is a practical thought technology which enables you to target any type of objective with the confidence of exact and precise results.  It works no matter if your goal comes through the conscious or sub-conscious state.

You can find a more recent version of it (which is a little more complete) at our current website’s about page here.

One of the more esoteric places to find this (and a lot harder to find, although perhaps more rewarding) is the old html website (the one with the lovely graphics and information). You can still access that one here.

Who Can Benefit form MQ?

The practice appeals to folks who are looking for results in all areas, including personal work with their memories, imagination, or thought patterns to self-expansion and broader conceptual horizons; expanded functioning and intelligence, to Spiritual Attainment and gifted abilities.  It also appeals to folks interested in practical utilitarian concerns such as enhanced business opportunities, finance and career; physical performance and health; also happiness and success in romance, relationship and social activities.

Just about anyone can benefit and besides, it is a lot of fun and you get to learn something that you’ll reflect on a lot for a couple of weeks afterward. We hold a monthly classroom where we go into some pretty neat subjects that relate to the contemporary expression of practical hermetic qabalah, and you’re always welcome to attend. You can find information about this on this website or on our facebook page.

We’re also trying very earnestly to get our older classroom notes written up and put our there for the public. It is a monumental task. we’ll keep you posted on that project.

This month’s MQ Classroom will be Saturday (2/16/2019) in the David Associates Boardroom at Northwest Plaza (2311 W. Cone Blvd, Greensboro NC 27408) at 1:00 pm. It is open to the General Public, so drop on in!