The Sephirah Netzach

The Seventh Sephirah of Divine Emanation is known as Netzach: Victory. It is referred to as The Occult Intelligence and said to be ‘a Refulgent Splendor of the Psyche, perceived by the eyes of the Intellect and the Contemplation of Faith’.

It is the force of Creative Imagination (of special interest to all Artists and Creative Workers); a Sephirah of the Perfect Balance of force and Form.

Awareness of this Perfect Balance produces Joy and Fulfillment and a Spiritual Experience of The Vision of Beauty Triumphant.

Divine Love and the Favor of God are the Spiritual Experiences here. The Orders are the Archai; the Spirits of Personality. The Holy Godname is Jehovah Tzabauth, Lord of Hosts and the Archangel is Hanael: God is our Grace. Netzach is Rightly Associated with Friendship and Brotherly Love.

It has been described, very balanced, as a Moist Fire and a Fiery Moisture: the Joy of Creation -a satisfying delight in the awareness of the life-force (whether Art, Music, Magic or whatever), the energy of Netzach ensouls the Images of Hod.