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Metaphysical Qabalah is a practical thought technology which enables you to target any type of objective with the confidence of exact and precise results.  It works no matter if your goal comes through the conscious or sub-conscious state.

You can find a more recent version of it (which is a little more complete) at our current website’s about page here.

One of the more esoteric places to find this (and a lot harder to find, although perhaps more rewarding) is the old html website (the one with the lovely graphics and information). You can still access that one here.

Who Can Benefit form MQ?

The practice appeals to folks who are looking for results in all areas, including personal work with their memories, imagination, or thought patterns to self-expansion and broader conceptual horizons; expanded functioning and intelligence, to Spiritual Attainment and gifted abilities.  It also appeals to folks interested in practical utilitarian concerns such as enhanced business opportunities, finance and career; physical performance and health; also happiness and success in romance, relationship and social activities.

Just about anyone can benefit and besides, it is a lot of fun and you get to learn something that you’ll reflect on a lot for a couple of weeks afterward. We hold a monthly classroom where we go into some pretty neat subjects that relate to the contemporary expression of practical hermetic qabalah, and you’re always welcome to attend. You can find information about this on this website or on our facebook page.

We’re also trying very earnestly to get our older classroom notes written up and put our there for the public. It is a monumental task. we’ll keep you posted on that project.

This month’s MQ Classroom will be Saturday (2/16/2019) in the David Associates Boardroom at Northwest Plaza (2311 W. Cone Blvd, Greensboro NC 27408) at 1:00 pm. It is open to the General Public, so drop on in!

Campaign for Esoteric Literacy

Campaign for Esoteric Literacy

Welcome to the Campaign for Esoteric Literacy! This project tackles the growing backlog of Metaphysical Qabalah’s super-extensive archives. You know, we’ve been at this for the last decade now and our archives are bursting at the gills. We’ve got to do something to make these resources available to the public.

The project is far too enormous to tackle in one fell swoop, so we’ve carved out a do-able portion for this project and let’s have at it. Our intention is to make materials from the ever popular MQ Classroom available first (beginning with the most recent and working back for about a year to two years. We figure those would be the most relevant.).

If you want to keep up with how it’s progressing, we’ll be posting updates on our website (go to the ‘posts’ section: https://mq.10-01.org/blog/information/ ) or directly to the crowd-funding source: https://www.gofundme.com/metaphysical-qabalah-classroom ), where you can find some excerpts and snippets (along with some stories, perhaps) from the most recent updates. Of course any and all donations to the cause will help immensely as this is a gargantuan task -even a word or two of encouragement or a ‘like’. In fact, if your pocket is kind of low, you can still get involved by reposting and calling forth your tribal instincts (and resources) as a social cooperative! Blessings to all!

Help spread the word!

Pan and Aigipan

Pan and Aigipan

PAN was the god of shepherds and flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music. He wandered the hills and mountains of Arkadia playing his pan-pipes and chasing Nymphs. His unseen presence aroused feelings of panic in men passing through the remote, lonely places of the wilds.

The god was a lover of nymphs, who commonly fled from his advances. Syrinx ran and was transformed into a clump of reeds, out of which the god crafted his famous pan-pipes. Pitys escaped and was turned into a mountain fir, the god’s sacred tree. Ekho spurned his advances and fading away left behind only her voice to repeat forever the mountain cries of the god.

Pan was depicted as a man with the horns, legs and tail of a goat, and with thick beard, snub nose and pointed ears. He was often appears in the retinue of Dionysos alongside the other rustic gods. Greeks in the classical age associated his name with the word pan meaning “all”.

AIGIPAN (or Aegipan)

was one of the goat-footed gods known as Panes. When the gods fled from the monstrous giant Typhon and hid themselves in animal form, Aigipan assumed the form of a fish-tailed goat. Later he came to the aid of Zeus in his battle with creature, by stealing back his stolen sinews. As a reward the king of the gods placed him amongst the stars as the Constellation Capricorn. The mother of Aigipan, Aix (the goat), was perhaps associated with the constellation Capra. Others again make Aegipan the father of Pan, and state that he as well as his son was represented as half goat and half fish.  When Zeus in his contest with the Titans was deprived of the sinews of his hands and feet: [Typhon]  hid away the sinews [of Zeus] there in the skin of a bear, and posted as guard over them the drakaina Delphyne (a girl who was half animal). But Hermes and Aigipan (Aegipan) stole back the sinews and succeeded in replanting them in Zeus without being seen.”.

“And thou [Hermes] didst deliver the art of the deep for keeping to Pan of Korykos, thy son, who, they say, was the savior of Zeus–the savior of Zeus but the slayer of Typhon. For he tricked terrible Typhon with promise of a banquet of fish and beguiled him to issue forth from his spacious pit and come to the shore of the sea, where the swift lightning and the rushing fiery thunderbolts [of Zeus] laid him low.”

“When the gods in Egypt feared the monster Typhon, Pan bade them transform themselves into wild beasts the more easily to deceive him. Jove later killed him with a thunderbolt. By the will of the gods, since by his warning they had avoided Typhon’s violence, Pan was put among the number of the stars, Since at that time he had changed himself into a goat, he was called Aeocerus. We call him Capricorn: “Capricorn or Sea Goat. This sign resembles Aegipan, whom Jupiter [Zeus] wished to be put among the constellations because he was nourished with him, just as he put the goat nurse we have mentioned before. He, first, as Eratosthenes [Greek poet C3rd B.C.] says, when Jupiter attacked the Titanes, is said to have cast into the enemy the fear that is called panikos. The lower part of his body has a fish formation.



Creatures part human and part horse. The centaurs were descendants of Centaurus, a son of the music god Apollo. Most centaurs were governed by the bestial half of their double nature. Their behavior was uncouth, and a very small amount of wine drove them wild.

When Heracles was entertained by Pholus, one of the few civilized centaurs, he made the mistake of demanding the guest’s prerogative of a beaker of wine. Pholus could not refuse, though he hesitated before unearthing a jug of the liquid which he kept buried underground for fear of just the sort of consequence which now ensued.

As soon as Pholus uncapped the jar of wine, his brothers caught scent of it on the wind from more than a mile away. Driven instantly to madness, they attacked Heracles, and the hero barely succeeded in driving them off with flaming arrows.

Wine also caused the centaurs to fight with other guests at the wedding feast of Theseus’s friend Peirithous. It was on this occasion that they destroyed the supposedly invulnerable Caeneus.

On another occasion, a centaur named Nessus offered to ferry Heracles’ wife across a torrent on his back. Midway, his animal nature got the better of him and he tried to force his attentions on his passenger. She shrieked and Heracles came running. He killed Nessus with a single arrow through the heart.

Chiron was not an ordinary centaur, having ended up with his horsely half by virtue of his father, the god Cronus, taking the form of a horse when Chiron was conceived. Chiron became renowned for his civility and wisdom. He served as tutor to many famous heroes, including Heracles and Jason. He taught music and medicine as well as the skills of the hunt.

THE KENTAUROI (or Centaurs)

were a tribe of half man, half horse savages which inhabited the mountains and forests of Magnesia. They were a primitive race who made their homes in mountain caves, hunted wild animals for food and armed themselves with rocks and tree branches.

The Centauri, that is, the bullkillers, are according to the earliest accounts a race of men who inhabited the mountains and forests of Thessaly. They are described as leading a rude and savage life, occasionally carrying off the women of their neighbors, as covered with hair and ranging over their mountains like animals. But they were not altogether unacquainted with the useful arts, as in the case of Chiron. Now, in these earliest accounts, the centaurs appear merely as a sort of gigantic, savage, or animal-like beings; whereas, in later writers, they are described as monsters (hippocentaurs), whose bodies were partly human and partly those of horses. This strange mixture of the human form with that of a horse is accounted for, in the later traditions, by the history of their origin.

Ixion and Nephele

“Ixion fell in love with Hera and tried to rape her, and when Hera told Zeus about it, Zeus wanted to determine if her report was really true. So he fashioned a cloud (nephele) to look like Hera, and laid it by Ixion’s side. When Ixion bragged that he had slept with Hera, Zeus punished him by tying him to a wheel, on which he was turned by winds up in the air. The cloud bore Kentauros (Centaurus) from Ixion’s seed.”

Liminal Beings

This half-human and half-horse composition has led many writers to treat them as liminal beings, caught between the two natures, embodied in contrasted myths, both as the embodiment of untamed nature.

In the Centauromachy on the day of Hippodamia’s wedding the Lapiths fought the Centaurs who had attempted to carry off the Lapith women.

The strife among these cousins is a metaphor for the conflict between the lower appetites and civilized behavior in humankind. Theseus, a hero and founder of cities, who happened to be present, threw the balance in favour of the right order of things

Another Lapith hero,Caeneus, who was invulnerable to weapons, was beaten into the earth by Centaurs wielding rocks and the branches of trees

Elemental Water or Apas Tattva

A. Introduction
Let me begin by saying that humans can go foodless without incurring irreversible detriment for almost two weeks, in extreme cases, almost a month; but the period of time without water before irreversible detriment or demise is barely longer than two days. The situation is likewise with Spiritual Water, the Water of Life. We must receive constant vivification from the Waters of the Spirit or our vitality will wither up and we will turn to dust.
1. once it saturates, it precipitates (mc)
a. the same holds true for 1.) atmosphere (weather), 2.) solutions in water, 3.) ideas in a matrix.
2. with the addition of ‘evaporates’ one has the complete Hydrological Cycle
3. By partially suspending particles in water, one may wash and classify them according to size and density.

I. the nature of physical water

A. Water tries to assume sphericity
1. Envelops as a film
2. Falling droplets
3. Dew
B. Gravity draws water out: linear/planar
C. Sphere represents whole-istic: joining/uniting
1. Circulation/ circulatory
2. Hydrological cycle
A. Approx. 34 cycles @year
B. Greatest density 4C
C. 40,000L /hectare woodland transpiration/summer day
D. Meanders/ oxbows
D. Revolves about its axis
1. on surface flows from inside bend to outside
2. turns downward and returns along the bed, again rising
3. this axial revolution in extension begets helices
4. two spiraling streams lie next to each other in a stream
5. erodes outer banks: deposited on inner bank downstream
6. meanders lengthen the river and slow the water down
A. Preserving the stream bed and ground-water reserves
7. these motions found in pipes and in open water
A. Labrador Current/ Gulf Stream
E. One and the same Archetypal Principle manifesting in all dimensions of flowing water
1. Formative principle unaffected by physical conditions

F. further attributes of the nature of water
1. A sphere is a totality and water will always attempt to form an organic whole by joining what is divided and uniting it in circulation
2. Everything is inwardly connected and reciprocally related
3. Water is the essential element of circulatory systems. If a circulation is interrupted, a totality is broken and the linear chain of events of cause and effect as an inorganic law is set into motion (water of life).
4. The sap in the plant is only one half of its complete circulation, the other half exists in the atmosphere or in the earth. Plants are the vascular systems through which water the blood of the earth streams in living interplay with the atmosphere. Together earth, plants and atmosphere form a single great organism (one unity).
5. What is spread over the earth in plant world is contained within themselves in the animals and man (Adam Kadmon).
6. We see an archetypal principle in flowing water endeavoring to realize itself, regardless of the surrounding material. This is a formative principle which appears under the most widely varying physical conditions and is not affected by them (controlled variables have no effect).
7. In meandering rivers, it burrows in a rhythmical course into its surroundings and is subject to the variable of time (the meanders change over time). The relationship of water over time alters its spatial relationship to its surroundings. Everywhere water moves in rhythms..
8. It expresses the action between its own natural inclination to form a sphere and the linear force of gravity action upon it, moving along spiraling surfaces which glide past one another in curving forms
9. water is impressionable and subject to living formative forces and creative ideas of which it is a visible expression. As such water is the embodiment of a world of higher forces, penetrating through it into the material world and using it to form the living organisms.
10. The force of flowing water simply demands a spiraling form, demonstrated by a garden hose which writhes back and forth like a snake when let loose and cannot be subdued until the tap is shut off.
10a. water endeavors to round itself off into a sphere, the image of the whole cosmos.. if a directional force is added (gravity) the combination of the two will result in a screw-like form or a spiral, therefore
10. Child before birth is in a protective envelope of water. On being born it enters a relationship with the directional forces of the earth which result in a spiraling shape to the muscles and bones (cf. tortoise) like the water pouring from the lip of a pitcher. Many bones (ex human humorous), muscles of chest and upper arm, fissures in the scapula, lines of flow into the ends and into the interior where they end up in the trabeculae, (spongy bone structures).
11. Wave movements of any kind reveal an extremely impressionable nature
12. Two things are necessary for rhythmical movement: the water itself and some activating force. The form of the wave is the interaction of opposing forces, interplay. The wave is the newly formed third element arising between the polarities
12. Thus water is like an imminently sensitive sense organ, which becomes aware of even the slightest action. (see#9, #14))
13. In oscillation, containers filled with water, geometrically regular patterns of flow begin to occur, varying according to the oscillation frequency
14. We see moving, flowing, formative processes akin to those which living beings use to shape their bodies: manifold movements can flow into, over and through one another at and the same place and time. Movements are by nature super spatial; they do not exclude one another. The fluid element is thus a suitable medium for the form creating process. The fluid medium is the ideal bearer of movements, by which nature allows itself to be molded and formed. They appear in the spatial world as though from the higher realms and in so doing create law and order. Principle which nature applies in the creation of living creatures out of the fluid medium.
15. A gentle wave of contractions runs to and fro over the amnion of the egg from one end to another which continually messages and molds the content of the egg. Unceasing wave like motion of peristalsis in the intestines
16. Formation of a train of vortices
17. present in the morphogenesis of an embryo, the apical meristem of plant shoots (cauliflower cross section), the maffic folding of the earth’s crust , plutonic injection,
18. The surface contacts between two currents folds over to form vortices

G. Higher Nature of Water:
1. The organic form appears slowly and gradually as though surrounded and permeated by invisible streams; though this world is concealed we may perceive its signature: it is the world of formative etheric forces.

2. The human etheric body is the body of forces upon which the material body is founded. If the etheric body departs the physical will begin to decompose. It is thus constantly engaged in the activity of the spiritual and the material.

3. The cosmic qualities and movements of water are images of the etheric stream and mediators in the material world. The laws of the etheric world are mirrored in the world of water and these two carry on a constant creative dialogue: the element of water is the element of the cosmos, the waters of heavens.

4. All organic formation is based on this world of etheric forces that in turn receives formative impulses from the spiritual world. The etheric forces use the medium of water, which vibrates in resonance with them, passing on the formative impulses to the material world.

5. After the activity of morphology in the natal stages is complete, part of these forces can be re-applied towards further development in the areas of uprightness (rising up), walking, speaking and thinking. This etheric force reappears in the flow of thought. It is a force which is forever multiplying. Inherent in the memory is the ability to rethink what has been thought any number of times.

6. This principle or repetition appears in great variety; the formation of segments, vertebrae, reproduction, replication, propagation.

7. Every idea arises in a process of flow until the process congeals into a form: ergo to think fluently.

8. Like water, thought can create forms, can unite and relate the forms to one another as ideas, but can also separate and analyze; to dissolve and bind together.

9. Wherever there is water, life can become active in the material world; where there is no water this possibility ceases.

10. Water is essentially the element of life, wherever possible it saves life from death. It is the great healer of all that is sick and has lost its poise, for water forever strives after balance, a living balance, never a static one which would extinguish life.

11. Water gives of itself freely, never questioning the form into which it must change, when needed by plant, animal and man. Selflessly it gives itself to every need, retiring after acting as mediator, to be ready for new creativity.

12. In its very nature it is itself pure; can purify, refresh, heal, strengthen, revive and clarify all things.

13. It is called ‘the Mother of all that is special’.

14. Water does not close itself to light as does a solid body, but makes itself clear and transparent; in the rainbow it attains the fullness of these possibilities.

15. Selflessly it is the mediator, in the eye for all visions, in the ear for all that is audible.

16. It also opens itself up to the harmonies and laws of the heavens. It maintains a central position between the earth and the cosmos, remaining closely connected to both; uniting them in an eternal circulation.

17. Water holds a balance between solidification and evaporation, always retaining the possibilities of transformation.

18. It pictures the higher qualities of man’s development: the overcoming of rigidly in thought, prejudice, intolerance; the ability to enter into all things and to learn to understand them out of their own nature and to create unity out of polarities.

20. “He also went into the water for baptism…”

(from Sensitive Chaos, by Theodore Schwenk)


I. Traditionally regarded as places of power and healing
A. holy wells
1. <AS> wella: to well up
B. supernatural attributes
1. The abode of living spirits and deities
2. Saints
C. therapeutics

II. Types
A. Branch heads
B. seepage springs
1. Water temp = to soil stratum (43-48F).
2. Rapid response to weather
3. Some minerals and salts
C. true springs
1. Deep strata
2.ancient aquifers and basins; water may be
Hundreds, even thousands of years old
3. Condenses underground due to temp gradient
4. This results in maximum density (4C) 39F
5. Young water redeposit dissolved salts as it ages downward
6. Densest water weighs down on the water table below it, pressing
It into geothermally heated rocks below, which expands the lower water
Upward against the dense water, which being uncompressible squishes
Outward laterally, forming the true spring.
7. Rich in carbonic acid and especially depleted in oxygen: drinking it straight away causes ‘damp-worm’.
( from Hidden Nature by Alick Bartholomew)

II. The primordial source of the rhythm of Life from which flows profound cosmic intuition and the deepest Love and devotion for Divine Providence
A. Unification of consciousness in supreme bliss (7th heaven), rapture and ecstasy are associated with the Prime Water Principle along with the virtues of purity and clarity, Divine Grace and Mercy, Peace and Forgiveness, happiness and contentment.
B. Life, feeling and sentience, as unified consciousness correspond to the cohesive force in relation to the mental matrix/ mental aura; awakening all potential mediumistic abilities, including the infallible prophetic knowledge of all destiny, dowsing, excellent clairsentience, enhanced concentration without weariness enabling one to identify easily with any virtue or scientific idea, and linguistic talent ~of beings, humans, animals, or symbolic language; also the ability to condense Astral sounds.
C. As Pure Astral Water one gets the ability to control magnetic fluid and master the rhythm of Life: reviving the dead or withering the living; sympathy/ antipathy, attraction; and affinities between beings. One also experiences a deep reverence for God or feels a ‘temple atmosphere’.
D. One gains the ability to master Water and magnetic fluid in the material aspect; master liquids; control magnetic/ attractive force; cohesion, coherence, gravity (and thus stride, gait, and movement); bring forth water, stop rain, calm waves, walk on water; make ice; distinguish glamour and illusion/ deception; and magnetic healing, as well.
E. It is through the deepest Love of Divine Providence for us and Divine Grace that prosperity, success, good fortune, luck, wealth, abundance, and increase in riches result.
F. (Special mention should be made of a special bond between the Z-gate and the Astral body; and Astral Self Preservation. Magi will understand what is meant).
G. And finally, the absolute effectiveness of the Akasha Principle regarding form can be seen to operate in the principles of Alchemy: EVAPORATE (disappear), CONDENSE (reappear); SOLVE ET COAGULA (materialize and dematerialize); UNIVERSAL SOLVENT (control the degree of density of any substance; (as well as translocation) ~as operating principles in the matter of form.

Re: Water
As the sensitive organ of perception and response mysterious third element of reciprocating surface allows for the audio/ visual transfer of formative energetic; relating ideas into words and visions. In the mental, it is the philosophical mercury which impressionates the allegory and metaphor. In the mental eye, it is the screen onto which the symbolic visions are projected from the ideal into formal meaning (representations).
It is this quality which makes it obvious (mc).

Elemental Earth or Prithivi Tattva

Let us begin by saying that earth is the vase or receptacle, “the Golden bowl”. What gives ‘shape, measure, number, weight’? That is it, then. The matrix is where the permutations are fixed.

For example: “one equals ten; the laws of analogy”. The Magus employs the Hermetic correspondences: cause and effect materialises. Therefore, too, Karma; Destiny. These are vessels of Akashic Prithivi. So, too, ‘the Conscience’ and one’s memories. These are Prithivi of Chitta. The Astral Matrix, which glues the Soul to the body: Astral Prithivi. (This Prithivi corresponds in the left kidney).
What measures? What weighs? The balance concerns value. The traditional scales used for judging the worth against the value of the known are contrived to weigh the two extremes of duality by the exercise of equilibrium at the fulcrum of balance. A process known as discretion.
At the Akashic level of Prithivi, this involves degrees of value within the Principle of Justice: a measure of Honor (of Divine Laws): Lawfulness, as such; Harmony as such. Within the Mental Prithivi it involves the Comprehension of Lawful Harmony. Memory, Conscience, remembering: to what degree are we within Integrity? The Unification of Spiritual Attributes as a healthy “I” consciousness involves Integrity. Or to what degree are we pushing our Conscience aside, putting it outside of our “I” consciousness? With what, then, do we fill that void? Drinking? Diversions? Self medication? Obsessions/ compulsions? The Security and Equilibrium of our emotional state leads us toward the yearning for character enoblement, virtue, and “decency”. This is Astral Prithivi, which leads toward Contentment; weighs our Souls against the Feather of Maat. Can restore Breath to the “living deceased”. The Throat and the Hand of Gedula are the seat of these Harmonious Enoblements. Along with these comes the perfect mastery of Metaphysics, the Embodied Quadrature of the Circle and Absolute Success. The Aspiration toward the Light (Spiritual Evolution) is in the right nostril and in the left nostril is Freedom and Independence. (This Narayan Ananda is the Living Example of the Truth in Advanced Mankind, and can help guide one to Moksha or Freedom; True Freedom: of Will, of Thought, of Action).
In the right eye of the Magus is the fulcrum of balance which integrates and unifies the Polarities of plus and minus and therefore the Principle of Universal Life, remedies any disharmony in Nature, and dynamizes any material object with a charge. This is the Voice of the bilabial plosives, the unvoiced being the maternal instincts.
The Akashic Prithivi will be discussed further in the site ‘Akashic Pillars’.

Eremite or Hermit

Eremite (the plural of Eremite is Eremites) or Hermit refers to a religious recluse or someone who lives alone. A Hermit is someone who lives in seclusion. In Christianity the term was applied to a Christian who lives the solitary life out of religious devotion; most particularly applied to the Desert Theology of the Old testament, which corresponds to the 40 years spent wandering the Desert which brings about a Mystical Transformation. In the Magdeline Mysteries, Mary was said to have retired to the desert following her Katharsis and after Jesus’ crucifixion.


The word comes to us as a latinization of the Greek word eremite, meaning ‘desert’, ‘uninhabited’ and thence referring to a dweller of the desert. Describing someone like this would be ‘eremitic’ which came to be hermitic.


Some claim that the Christian Life is rooted in the Desert Theology of the Old Testament (while others claim differently). In such a case, the Christian Life is entirely given to Devotion, Praise, Contemplation and Love of God; typified by penance, gratitude, prayers, and Service. The life of hermitage removes the devotee from the mundane pursuit of business and social responsibility, for the purpose of nurturing the Spiritual.


A similar term is Anchorite, from the Greek word meaning ‘to withdraw’ or ‘depart for the countryside’. In the middle ages, the anchorite would often live in a small hut affixed to a wall of the church. After moving in, the door was bricked over and the anchorite was imprisoned inside, with only a couple of small windows for receiving food from charitable parishioners and for his followers to get advice from him.


While remaining metaphorical adjectives to describe persons of social reclusiveness and oddity, the Hermitic devotee has many more options in the modern world and will proceed according to his conscience and the Holy Spirit with the above mentioned traditions guiding him only as metaphors, which he is free to expand or transform in the exploration of mystical devotion and its daily application. Many artists and sedakas prefer a hermitic condition, at least during the initial stages of their practice in order to develop and consolidate their Spirituality. At some point the Hermit may emerge and proceed on a mission, prophetic or otherwise, directed by the Holy Spirit in Service to God or his Kingdom.


Excerpt from MQ Classroom

The Meaning of Tarot Cards

Often books on Tarot will go into detail, speculating on the meaning of the Tarot cards; citing historical references (older speculations) and attempting to explain the relevance of this to Interpretations via Cartomancy. Through the process of authors researching other authors’ books, an assortment of explanations have been honed to mutual consensus.

Now I will tell you the real reason for Tarot decks, what they are and how they are organized. In the past, Magic was banned by the church and its practice was punishable by death. The Tarot is a secret book of instructions showing exactly how to do it, designed to avoid detection and censorship. The following is its fundamental engineering:

A Circle may be drawn and divided into 12 equal segments (just like a clock). A circle of 360 degrees will thus contain 30 degrees each. Therefore each sign is under the Rulership of the Triple aspect of Divinity expressed through the complete Sephiroth (3×10=30). Each segment will be represented by a sign. Each sign will be divided into 3 equal parts of 10 degrees each, called the Decans of that sign. There are 36 of these Decans. Each Decan has its own set of Angels: a Day Angel and a Night Angel; drawn from the Shemhamaphoresh, the 72 letter God-Name, in pairs (36×2=72). These 3-5 letter Names are the Names of the Genii of the Mercury Sphere.

Next, a planet is assigned to each Decan. The Golden Dawn uses the Chaldean method while others use the Jyotishi method (cadence/triplicities).

Now the minor Arcana (the ‘pip’s) of the Tarot deck are lined up, one per Decan, according to sequence and the Presiding Element of the Sign expressed as a suite (Wands=Fire, Cups=Water, etc.).

The Face value of each card is prescribed according to the attributes thus accrued. The combination of the Sign and the Planet of its relevant Decan, the Angel of the Decan, and the number of the pip expressed in a given Sephirah is used to determine the meaning of the card that has been played.
The 360 degrees, then includes the entire panorama of our ego-centric perspective; our Great Circle. Of course, the various actions within and proximate to that Circle (extension, attraction, mediation, integration) are performed by the Agents nearest to Us. This relationship is a chain of cause and effect but can be rather mechanical and automatic if not directed by an orderly purpose. It is to the Benefit of All that Order and Purpose are Universal. We will begin with the Orders that are closest to us:

The 360 Heads of the Zone Girdling the Earth (these are Intelligences)

“These heads, which I will now describe in detail, hold in constant harmony, in the zone girdling the earth, all actions and conditions.  Each head is a high intelligence with all the faculties that any being of this sphere may possess.

So, for instance, a magician can be informed by any of these heads about the past, the present and the future of our physical world, and each head, by force of the Akasha-principle, can affect our earth.  Apart from this each head has specific qualities, i. e. is endowed with certain special assignments.  The magician need not get into touch with all of the heads of the zone girdling the earth and at the occasion of an evocation need only choose a certain intelligence which seems the right one to fulfill his plans.

In the cause of his practice every being cited will appear
to the genuine magician in the shape appropriate to its personal character. The order of the seals are dependent on the zodiac and their division into grades and the influences of the elements.  I shall only mention a few characteristics of the various intelligences, for, as mentioned before, each
being and intelligence of any sphere is equipped with the usual magical faculties. Furthermore, the magician always has the possibility of asking an intelligence about how it may be able to help him. If an intelligence cannot fulfill the magician’s wish because its range of influence is a different one, it
will name that intelligence which is capable of fulfilling the magician’s desires. “

Old Mars

Now, the first Decan of Aries is under the Presidency of the Planet Mars. The Sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, as well; so we have Mars in Aries, Ruled by Mars. Perhaps now would be a good time to learn about Mars. Mars, of course, is the Roman name for their god of war; it corresponds to the Greek god of war, Ares. Let’s look at the Mythological Ares.

The actual Greek word is a noun referring to the throngs of war. Its etymology relates to meanings such as ‘ruin’ and ‘curse’ (bane). War is truly the curse of man. The Birthplace of Ares was placed far-off among the barbarians (thus labeling him as a stranger to the family-circle of Virtuous Mankind).

Ares was the son of Zeus and Hera, at a time when their family life had undergone stress. As anybody can see, the progeny of unhappiness is detrimentally aspected.

Ares had an infamous affair with Aphrodite, the union producing several children, among them Deimos (terror ), Phobos (fear ), and Adrestia (revenge ) who is also sometimes Nemesis (Divine Retribution for Arrogance) and also known as the ‘inescapable’. Another of his off-spring was Anteros (requited Love; from anti-eros ( opposite of True Love), meaning it is not freely given but must be paid for). His attendants are Achlys (Death), Androktasiai (Slaughter), Eris (Strife), Enyo (Violence), Polemos (War);…etc. incl. Murder, Noise, Combat, Confusion, Spirit of Death, Spirit of Battle, Charge, and Retreat. Those familiar with NLP will have no trouble assessing what these Archetypal Characteristics will do to the Psyche and personality development on a human.

One of Ares’s sons (Cycnus ‘Swan’) tried to build a temple with the skulls and bones of travellers that he murdered. Cycnus was so murderous that the Mighty Herakles (aided by Apollo and Athena; Ares’ half-sister) had to slaughter him. Ares flew into a rage against his half-brother Herakles and the mighty warrior Herakles wounded him. He had to return to Olympus and beg his father, Zeus to heal him. His father healed him, saying that as he, too, was one of God’s children he supposed that he would do so but added, “You are the most hateful to me of the gods who hold Olympus, forever strife is dear to you and wars and slaughter”. Apparently the Word of God (the words of his father) meant nothing to him for, upon being healed he went straight back out to the battlefield.

Whenever one reads in the olden books of the stories of these battles the heart grows impassioned and the heat in the spleen rises up; one experiences thumos.

Deimos and Phobos in Sparta

The two brothers Deimos and Phobos were particularly worshiped in the city state of Sparta as they were the sons of Ares, the god of war.
Deimos and Phobos in Theosophy

In the Grand tradition of Theosophy; when there are enough ‘non-evolvers’ to become a hindrance to the bulk of the inhabitants of any Planetation, the impedimentaries must be cast out and thrown off. This happened with the Sun Sphere when the Planet Earth was cast out and later, to the Earth Sphere, when the Moon was cast out.

Continuing along these lines; the same thing has happened to Old Mars (former god of war). We see that two of its vice-hindrances were cast off: Deimos and Phobos.

“In Greek mythology, Deimos (Ancient Greek:  meaning “dread”) was the personification of terror. He was the son of Ares and Aphrodite. He is the twin brother of Phobos and the goddess Enyo who accompanied Ares into battle, as well as his father’s attendants, Trembling, Fear, Dread and Panic. Deimos is more of a personification and an abstraction of the sheer terror that is brought by war and he never appeared as an actual character in any story in Greek Mythology.”

“The two Moons are not native to Mars.”

A Brief History of 4th Kingdom Humanity

The old paradigm is a ‘tooth and claw’ paradigm, where survival is won through constant struggle and insured by the survival of the tough. This is accompanied by a sensitive balance affected by the ‘predator-prey’ relationship. Whenever successful breeding species overpopulate an area they are forced to spread out in search of sufficient resources. Once they saturate the available resources, survival pressures are incurred upon the supporting environment at the expense of the biome. To off-set these pressures, predatory species appear which reduce the numbers of the successful group. In so-doing, an interesting dynamic is set up where only the weak and slow and aging members of the prey are picked off; the remainder being too swift or cunning to make their predation efficient. Consequently, upon thinning out the feeble, the predators move on to thicker numbers. In this way a hierarchy is set up so that there are fewer predators and far more prey. The beauty of this is that the predatory species only do well when the prey are really prosperous. If the prey suffer, then the predators suffer more.

Once primitive man banded together and developed language, he became the most formidable hunter on the planet. The eventual result of this became the fact of his obvious intolerance for predatory competition. As the chief predator himself, he virtually extinguished all other predators within his domain. This meant that he had no natural population control mechanism and this imbalance swung wildly in his favor. As the dominant species of the planet his population eventually grew beyond control.
This in turn led to famine, suffering, and the use of force and cruelty against his own species. Thus man developed warfare and its technological destructionism; from the socio-biological perspective, including the built-in means of self-annihilation, should the need for planetary extermination arise from the perspective of Mother Earth.

Recent history concludes that we have perfected all the means to complete our arsenal of technological self-annihilation; thereby completing the circle of Life of Death at our choosing (cf. ‘thanatos’).

The proclivity of humans to band together leads to a progression of allegiances (which reflect in his degree of advancement; either revealing his spirituality through sharing and service, or exposing his selfishness) through loyalties, first to self, then to family and kin; then to clan, tribe (party) and nation (patriotism); then to religion, and thence to race. This is an ‘enemy-based’ mentality which compels him to ‘circle the wagons’ against attack. With the dawn of cloning from Neanderthal cells, it will soon extend to species. The fear-based allegiances are related to instinctualities of the animal kingdom; such as survival, territory, mating and resources while the Spiritual advancements of sharing, moderation and selfless service stand in contradistinction.

4th Kingdom Religions

If we take an overview of historical religions, we can better understand our legacy ‘god-concepts’ in light of the evolution of animal-man according to his progress along the continuum of allegiances. In such cases we find the Punitive, War-making gods subsequent in peoples who cannot bring themselves to respect a ‘Loving God’ due to their animalistic fears and enemy consciousness. The conceptualization of cruel and vindictive gods is a direct projection of animal-man’s inability to cope with intimacy and fellowship, in light of his stage of allegiances. His god-concept relates to his degree of evolution with regard to his social, Emotional and Spiritual advancement, which should be a steady evolution towards sharing and selfless Universalism.

Old paradigms of the 4th Kingdom religions favor the elimination of undesirables even to the extermination of all ungodly infidels with regard to paramilitary force. These are the religions of unevolved animal-men. Any nation that bows to the alter of war is unevolved, Spiritually.
New paradigms of Spiritually Enlightened men of Reason bring us New Paradigms of Spiritual Ecology which include concepts such as the composting of contraries and negativities and the fertility of organically enriched soils of prosperity.

Old Mars (Planetary Astrological)

This preoccupation with enemies, has naturally lead to the inclusion of enemy-consciousness in religionism: the primary Unity of God having been replaced by a seething antithetical arch-nemesis. Along these lines of thought, every virtue has its corresponding vice and every Sephirah has it antithesis (called a klippah), and every Angelic Order has its gang of demons.

The Sephirah corresponding to Mars, has its assignments under these conditions as well. Firstly, the Angelic is said to be ‘Kamael’ (‘Severity of God’); while the demonic counterpart is said to be ‘Samael’ (the blind). Samael the blind is the consort of Lilith (sister and first wife of Adam; the baby-snatching vampire). Lilith, Samael and their coitus would seem to be one of the most over-developed themes in all of western culture. (The qlippothic legion of Lilin is known as the empusae). We shall have some more to say about Samael the blind shortly. To counter the vices perpetrated by Lilith, the Holy One, blessed be He, sent these Three Angels: Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof; and she cannot harm anyone who knows the names of these Three Angels.

Geburah is on the LAW side of the Tree and with all this going on ‘below the surface’ it is little wonder that most modern Astrologers consider Mars to be a planetary malefic (along with Saturn). This is because the LAW delivers whatever is to be according to your Word and Belief, so if you believe in evil you conjure it up. That is why the Angelic Force (of Geburah) has been known as Severity.

So when Western Astrologers (Pappus, Rudyard, Levi) connected the attributes of the Zodiacal sign of Aries, some were taken from the Planetary and Religious aspect of Mars and many were taken from the Mythological aspect. These erroneural beliefs are based upon the old 4th Kingdom enemy-consciousness of unevolved animal-man.

New Mars of the 5th Kingdom

We have just covered the explanation of the attributes of malefics by earlier Astrologers, due to the LAW side of the Tree, as well as regards the left side of the brain with its deductive reason. We know that this is the reason why our perspective can work so effectively to our benefit or to our detriment. This is why in a fearful, superstitious, threatened culture, as was the case for the 4th Kingdom warring humanity, the Sephirah of Mars was avoided as powerfully malefic.

Having now understood that the power of the LAW at work in suspicious and impulsive animal-man compelled him into blind instinctualities of murder and ravages, we are in a position to understand one of the meanings of Samael the blind in regard to vices.

The opposite of impulsiveness and blind instinctualities, then, are the Virtues of the Sephirah: Clear-eyed Assessment and Reason. These are the True attributes according to MQ; the True attributes of Planetary Mars according to MQ. After careful consideration of this we saw that we had to let some of the old positions go; ergo, no ‘enemy-consciousness’. In view of the positions afforded by the New Aries, we see:


I. the humanity of the 5th Kingdom is supposed to progress beyond war
a. to utilize our sciences and rationale to solve the issues which confront us
b. to improve and make better the standards of every human anywhere in the World, Solar System or Universe
c. in order to become Masters (of our own Faith) (and the Faith of the Solar Logos who sponsors us)
d. to be Masters and Stewards of the Dominion which our Creator endowed us with as Guardians, Protectors and Good Shepherds; honoring the Life in All Creation.
II. requires the focus and exactitudes of our rational sciences guided by our Humanity, Faith Ethics and Compassion
a. having been guided and directed, developed and perfected to Master the entire Tree of Life (not just one or two leaves and a twig).

New Positions

I. the Concept of Data Consciousness
a. reliable feedback
1. stats; thermostatics, etc
b. hence the necessity of information: sensing, processing, knowledge systems;
1. an aid to Understanding (show r’ship via Tree and Animus of Universal Service)
II. Knowledge
a. Science. Philosophy of Science
1. measurement (mentioned here, though may be another lesson: shape, meas. #, wt.)
2. Theories of Data (see Universal Quantum Computing)

(Since we are dealing with Mars -especially the New Mars- I should add that the New Military is crucial to our continued advancement as a species and to our survival as a Society…  the lesson continues with a digression about the new military, which see: here )

Aries and Spring Change

In any event it is We who change, we do so as we evolve and advance Spiritually. We are at the tipping point for Humanity. If we do not wish to embrace the New Paradigm, then it is over for us; it is back to the ash-heap of the burning grounds. If the crusty winter of our animalistic coldness were a crabby old man who didn’t want to change, his Life-force would peter out. He would wither away and become a burned-out husk in the land of shells; because every Spring the focused power and energy of Fire (Heat and Light) fills the World which explodes into new growth and Change. The new Leaves come out and cover the Tree; All is Rejuvenated. Flowers begin to Bloom: Romance is everywhere. Everywhere that Aphrodite walks, her footsteps blossom with flowers. In each New Aries, the Kingdom is rejuvenated (by Hebe, goddess of youth; cup-bearer of the gods, who helps Hera into her chariot; sister of Ares); full of growth and Promise; fertile and fecund, exuberant with hopes and aspirations; the Flowers of the Tree of Life!


Each of the signs of the Zodiac is assigned to one of the Elements of the Natural World (Fire, Air, Water, and Earth). These Elements, along with the Quintessential ‘5th Element’, Spirit, act together in harmony all over the whole Universe. Since there are 4 Elements and 12 signs, 3 of the signs will share the same Element. To Aries is assigned the Element of Fire.

We have previously covered the Fire Element, quite extensively in the MQ series on the Azoth; along with many of the hidden meanings and Esoterica of Heat, Light and Fire. We will refrain from doing so here, except to say that in Legacy Qabalah, each Element has a ‘Mother Letter’ and the Mother Letter of Fire is [Sch] (Shin). The Hebrew letter Shin, looks like a three-stemmed menorah, lit with tiny flames atop each stem which are called Yods. The letter Shin is very important in Qabalah; its color-attribute is fiery Red. This is the same color-attribute assigned to the Planet Mars, the Sephirah Gevurah and the Zodiacal sign of Aries. Red, Red, Red! Everything is energetic and Red! This Fiery Red Energy Is Electric and Active. All this energy is well aspected in Aries so the Earth can wake up after a long winter of sleep.

The same thing takes place in the human microcosm every night when we sleep and every morning when we rise up, we are enacting the sacred cyclorama of the Great Circle of Life; so the Red Energy of Aries can definitely help you, too, when you need to get up and get going. Fire is expansive and the Red Energy of Aries will assist you in being more out-going with others. It will also make you sharp-minded and witty. Haha! What a fun and lively personality! More than anything you will like to get things started, C’mon! C’mon! Let’s get the ball rolling! Somebody has to be first, and if it is to be then let it start with me. Not everybody has the courage to step right up and go first. Just like active little electrons, happily running around doing work. But oops! Don’t get in their way~ electricity dislikes impediments. Impedance makes electrons wait and while they wait they heat up! That’s their way of burning energy while having to do nothing.

The Will

The Fire of Shin, in Qabalah, is analogous to the Will. Of course the Qabalist is most interested in Divine Will. But as above, so below.

Earlier we mentioned the Magic Book of Tarot and we said that:

Now the minor Arcana (the ‘pip’s) of the Tarot deck are lined up, one per Decan, according to sequence and the Presiding Element of the Sign expressed as a suite (Wands=Fire, Cups=Water, etc.).
The Face value of each card is prescribed according to the attributes thus accrued. The combination of the Sign and the Planet of its relevant Decan, the Angel of the Decan, and the number of the pip expressed in a given Sephirah is used to determine the meaning of the card that has been played.

The 2 of Wands

For the first Decan of Aries we have the 2 of wands (Tarot symbols representing the Tetragrammaton of the Divine Name):
There are many types of Wands, each corresponding to the category of things over which it will preside. We will cover another type in time.
In this particular case, as we are dealing with the singular eponymous pip of the Tarot deck, the meaning is quite precise: we are dealing with the ‘Fire Wand’.

The lesson continues with the secret MQ teachings concerning the Magic Wand (referred to -but not revealed- in the book “the Magic Mirror of Metaphysical Qabalah“) and various other lessons relating to Fire and Beings of the Panpshychic Cosmos; the Magic Circle, the Triangle, etc. The lesson goes on to discuss a lot of references taken from the Archives of Metaphysical Qabalah; and finally there is this:

Characteristics for Magical Success

“Let us here add that anyone looking for success in these processes must be (1) vigilant, both day and night, and have an uncommon Love of God; (2) versed in the Cabala (though not in dualistic cultural orthodoxy, in general) and have a fearless heart and (3) he must first find a location for his work that is far from civilization, and then pray before summoning these creatures. This is how the ancient Magi proceeded.

If you follow these directions, you will easily achieve your goal and become a master of nature. As for us, the unrest of our own life and the grief that the world has caused us has distracted us up to now from pursuing these secrets.

Our purpose is to proclaim the wonders of God, to study the growth and decline of metals, to find cures for the many diseases that afflict mankind, and to make use of the many things as God made them for and for their appointed purpose. Thus we can learn many useful things from one another.”

…and so we do proceed, fretting about our daily schedules and the vicissitudes of weekly political drama, and the uncertainty and insecurity of financial markets, etc., somehow never finding time for the Magical World of Spirit which God has equipped us for until, at long last, the Harvest time approaches and our crown grows thin and bare on top and our eyes dim and our future looks bleak, until we finally expire and pass away from this marvelous existence of textured colors and fabulous sound and taste and aroma, into the nether regions of habit and precondition; never fully tasting the fullness and plenitude of Paradise that God has intended until we pine away to nothing for lack of trying. Isn’t it time to explore a new reality, to engage in hope, to embrace a New Future, and to expand the constraints of prosaic mundaneness into a life of Poetry and Romantic Exuberance? Our doors are always open and the Light is always on!


Tejas Tattva (or Elemental Fire)

In the Ancient Western Theory of Elements, Elemental Fire is the First Elemental Manifestation, proceeding from Spiritual Light. In the Eastern Tattvic System, it is the Tejas Tattva, proceeding from the Akasha.

Here, we begin with the central sun: with its attributes of Light and Heat.
I. Fire: the first element to come out of the Akasha, is characterized by heat and expansion.
A. Light has fire as its foundation.
1. Fire and Light begin any creation.
2. There are two modes in any element, and with fire the plus is constructive, creative and procreative; while the minus is decomposing and deconstructive (destructive)
B. The fire principle is active and latent in all created things.
1. It cannot exist by itself but must contain within itself the water principle.
C. These are some of the personal correspondences of the Fire Principle:
Creative energy
Will, energy, might
D. Every element of Fire can be transformed into Light and vice versa.
I. At the point wherein begins the two principles, there is understood to be one which is luminous (and ‘unencumbered’), and another which is material and dark.
A. The first is the principle of light, heat and movement.
1.It is active (or ‘masculine’,) and contains the generative motivation.
B. Heat is an effect of light.
1. It is the cause of rarefaction.
2. Condensation produces bodily density.
3. Light is only diffused by rarefaction but is impeded from progress by material density, which casts a shadow.
4. The light acts on the parts of dark matter which are closest to it and eventually penetrates all the way to the core.
5. By this penetration the matter is animated by the light. Fertilized with the ideas in this way, the matter bears forth the fruits of creation.
C. From God, the unbegotten Light, all others receive their light.
1. The First Light broadcast the germs of things into the matrix,
2.in which He has infused so many beauties and virtues in His image;
3. and the sun then fertilized them to make them germinate.
4. The Creator has placed in the sun an igneous spirit, the principle of movement and of gentle heat, such as is necessary to Nature for Her operations.
5. It communicates it to all bodies, and by exciting and developing the innate Fire it preserves the principle of generation and of Life.
A. Each individual partakes of it more or less.
6. The Fire of Nature is Her first agent. (for light was created on the first day: “fiat lux”). It actuates the potentials.
7. The principle of movement is light, and movement is the cause of heat.
A. Heat penetrates into the interior of the most opaque and hardest substances and animates the hidden nature.
B. Light penetrates only transparent bodies (its property is to manifest the perceptible accidents of the composites).
8. In departing from the sun, light strikes the dense bodies, celestial as well as terrestrial; it places their faculties into movement,
A. carries them with it, 2)reflects and 3)diffuses them in the upper Air as well as the lower.
B. Air, having a disposition to mix with the water and the earth, becomes the vehicle of these faculties
1. and communicates them to the bodies which are formed of them ,
2. or which by analogy are most susceptible of them.
3. These faculties are called influences.
D. Fire is divided into three kinds:
1. Celestial: (universal): diffused everywhere. Excites. Puts movement. Warms and preserves germs. develops.
2. (And particular): innate. implanted with the germ. Acts little except when excited.
3. Simple (or artificial): properties exactly contrary to Fire of Nature (though derived from it):
the enemy of all production, maintained only by the ruin of bodies, nourishes only by rapine, reduces all to ashes, destroys all which the other forms.
E. Everywhere there is production there must be fire.
F. There is no water without fire, which makes it to flow.
1. They act in concert in the generation of individuals.
2. We see continually that heat and dryness give form to everything.
A. If the earth is too moist, too soft, it is a mud, with no determined form.
B. Such was chaos before the heat or light had rarified it and caused the evaporation of a part of its moisture (“and God caused a firmament amidst the waters”).
C. Heat and dryness are only accidental qualities of the First Matter. It has been endowed on them upon receiving their form.
G. Nature’s Universal agent, the principle of elementary fire is nourished by all fatty matter, because that which is fat is of a humid and aerial nature. Although externally it may appear dry to us (such as sulphur or gunpowder)
1.this exterior conceals a fat, oily moisture which is resolved by the action of heat.
2. Phlogiston is the substance of fire which is found in bodies ~fixed fire~ fire inherent in bodies. It is inflammable matter, or the sulphur principle of substances; this quality is found in all the beings of nature. It abounds in the fatty or oily parts of the animal; those parts most susceptible to inflammation.
3. (M. Wipacher regards the animal (souls) as an igneous matter to which he gives the name of Automatic Phlogiston.)
A. It is said that animals are the fruit of light (on account of their movement).
H. Some of the ancients have said that the sun presides over fire and the moon over water.
1. Before matter began to receive its form, God invented Light.
2. It was immediately diffused in matter, which served as a wick for its maintenance.
3. At first diffused everywhere, Light seemed to collect in the sun, as several rays unite into a point.
4. The light of the sun is consequently a luminous spirit, whose rays are clothed with particles of Ether in order to become visible to our eyes.
5. They are streams which flow continually from an inexhaustible source and diffuse themselves throughout the vast extent of the universe.
I. Light is the Universal Agent, a)the Universal Plastic Mediator, b)the common receptacle of vibrations, c)of movement and d)of the images of form (maya).
1. This Universal agent is the Od of the Hebrews (spelled: oyin – dallet), a)the Astral Light of the Martinists.
2. The use and manipulation of this force constitutes the Grand Arcanum of Practical Magic.
J. The Universal Light, when magnetizing the world, is called Astral Light;
1. when it forms the metals, it is called Azoth or Sophic Mercury.
K. Yet these rays are not purely spiritual; they are corporative with Ether.
L. The nature of Light is to flow continuously.
1.Light is the cause, brightness is the effect.
2. When a lighted candle is extinguished, the igneous and luminous spirit, which influences the wick, is not lost, as is commonly believed.
a. Its action simply disappears when food is lacking for it.
b. It is diffused in the air, which is the receptacle of Light, and of the spiritual nature of the material world.
c. Bodies return in resolution to the matter whence they have been derived.
d. So also the natural forms of individuals return to the universal forms, of Light. Which is the vivifying spirit of the Universe. (this spirit is not Sun Rays, for it penetrates even to the center of the earth, when the sun is not even out or on our horizon).
e. The igneous spirit, born into bodies by rays, is easily distinguished from them.
M. Rays are communicated only so long as they remain unimpeded by opacity.
1. The igneous spirit penetrates even the densest bodies, since we can feel the heat on the other side of a wall. The heat exists even after the rays have disappeared with the luminous body.
2. Every transparent body transmits this igneous and luminous spirit without transmitting the rays (viz. air);
3. in furnishing a new body to this spirit becomes illuminated and forms new rays, which are different from the original ones.
4. Every transparent body, while serving as a means to transmit this spirit not only finds itself enlightened, but becomes luminous and this increase in brightness is easily manifested to those who notice it.
a. This augmentation of splendor would not take place if the transparent body transmitted the rays as it had received them.
N. (The substance of Light, because of the tenuity of its parts, cannot be examined by number, measure, or weight.)
The essence of Goethe’s Color Theory
Taking Goethe’s color theory into consideration and going back to the Tree of Life diagram, we find that:
I. the basics of the theory
A. light shining through a turbid medium veers toward Red, becoming Orange as turbidity increases, with Brown representing the greatest turbidity (a la sandstorms)
B. standing in illumination and looking away towards darkness through a clear medium produces blue, with absolute transparency veering toward blue-violet and translucent media producing pearly white or light blue.
II. the arrangements of the densities
A. from top to bottom: rarified to substantial in thickness
B. from L. to R.: serene to turbid in terms of medial activity
C. with Kethyr represented as absolutely clear (white) and Malkuth represented as absolutely opaque (block (shadow)/ black).
III. the arrangements of the colors
A. roygb, from Mars to Jupiter w/ yellow showing up as brown due to densities
B. crosswise complements and triangular 2ndary combinations with Sun
C. the violet of ‘Daath’ acting as a condenser.
D. the spectral rainbow begins to appear beneath the sun and below.
Goethenean Perception of the Colors Red and Blue

I might add a goethenian notion interpretation: that from the perspective of ‘enlightened intellect’ a la perception, red would signify the perception of illumination (from the perimeter) through an atmosphere obscured by headstrong self-will or determination, while an atmosphere of clarity would perceive yellow through openness towards Spiritual Telephonics. Similarly, should the enlightened intellect view Understanding through a medium of unobscured clarity the perception will be that of clearest blue bordering on ultraviolet, whilst perception through a medium of preconceptions will occlude the Understanding through various degrees of milky cloudiness.


Akasha is Spirit: Universal Spirit. As such, it is complete in itself. This means two things; the first being that it is basic and homogenous, not needing components for its composure and simple (not compound), and the second that nothing from the outside may be added, as its completeness encompasses every other existence. As a feature of this Universal Compass, it is called All-present, meaning that it is everywhere and there is no place that it is not. As such its Omnipresence is Infinite and transcends Space.
This All-Encompassing feature extends across the vast expanse of Time, as well. As such, all events; past, present, and future exist simultaneously in the Akasha. This means that the Universal Spirit not only transcends Time but it is Eternal, also. So Spirit has neither beginning nor end and transcends the Space-Time continuum, being everywhere at once in the Absolute temporal singularity of the Eternal Now.
Being simultaneously everywhere at once and having been there for all eternity, the Spirit cannot help but know everything: everything that ever happened, everything that is happening now, and everything that ever will happen is constantly known to the Spirit, simultaneously at all times. This feature is called Omniscience (All-knowing).
As a matter of fact, everything that happens, happens because of the Akasha. Everything that was ever created came into being from the Akasha; also everything that ever will be created. The Akashic Plane is called the Causal Plane. Being the Causality of all existence gives the Universal Spirit Absolute Power over all Creation. This feature is known as Omnipotence.
There is One Key which opens the Door to All that Power and Omniscience and that Key is Love. Spirit is Life and the Reason for Living is ultimately found to be Love. Therefore, only by living in Harmony with the Spirit of Love can we open the Door of Life and dwell in the Light of the Living Spirit. To do otherwise is not to escape from the infinite expanse of the Spirit but to starve one’s Inner Light unto extinction.

In conclusion: Akasha is Omnipresent, Eternal and Timeless, Omniscient, Omnipotent and All-loving; it is what religions call ‘God’.