Yesod is the Ninth Sephirah on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  It is called The Pure Intelligence. It Purifies the Emanations; and Proves and Corrects the Designing of their Representations.

The Sephirah of the Etheric plane, the Powerhouse and Machinery of the physical world. Yesod, as the Etheric Matrix, Holds the framework in which the particles of dense matter are enmeshed. It (the Etheric) has an energy of Integration which co-ordinates the physical molecules, etc. into an organism, it has a Vitality. Living things, animals, plants and minerals are its products.

The Etheric body has the power to feel, not the physical body. Protoplasm, which shows its presence in response to stimuli (hence; fibrous nerve tissue)… the formation of a nervous system is caused by an admixture of Astral with Etheric force: thus it is only rudimentary in plants and even more so in minerals.

All have their structure built and held by the Etheric Web or Network, thus it is the ‘Foundation’. Since the structure is built from this station, Yesod may be said to hold the Image of everything that exists in the physical world.

The Ether, in Yesod, also has the power to alter the Images or change the physical body. The ‘Supreme Integrated Image’ in Yesod is that of the “Luminous Image of The Creator”, which is shone forth and concealed in the physical world: Almighty Living God.

The Etheric; Images of pre-physical manifestation of all the higher manifestations; and all the vast body of teachings about the Moon and Moon Magic belong to Yesod.

The God-Name is ‘Shaddai El Chai’ which is traditionally translated as ‘Almighty Living God’. The Beings are the ‘Kerubim’: the Strong. The Orders are the Angeloi: Messengers. The virtue is Independence and the title is ‘Treasure House of Images’. The Spiritual Experience is: Vision of the Machinery of the Universe.

The Archangel is Gabriel (God is our Strength): Who Gives the Powers of Visions. He can be imagined as Silvery-White with Liquid Silver and Peacock swirls of Blue and Green, in order to bring on Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. His Telesmatic Image may be transformed into an enormous Silvery-White Pillar, which may then be transformed into an immense 9-sided Silver Crystal, reflecting Silver and Blue-Green light.

The complete understanding of the mechanisms which work the body, so that it may be cured in sickness, maintained in health, rejuvenated when old, are contained in Yesod (the Etheric Foundation) behind the physical Kingdom in Malkuth.

It has also much to do with the growth of plants. [The increase in radioactivity and radioactive fallout is having the effect of rendering the Etheric levels less dense. In addition it is becoming easier for Spirit to interpenetrate into the dense physical sheaths.]