The Sephirah Hod

The eight Sephirah of Divine Emanation, known as Hod, or the Absolute Perfect Intelligence, relates to the Forms of concrete Mind and Intellect. (Its forms are perfect, symbolically). Hod is a ‘form’ Sephirah featuring picture images; all pictorial systems, such as the Hebrew letters, astrological signs, the Tarot (book of Thoth), and all the god-forms.

All Philosophies are under the auspices of Hod, as well, as they are conceptual formalities; and their only credifier is whether they are true or false: Truth being the Virtue of this Sephirah and falsehood being the vice. A specialty tradition has emerged in this case, that being Hermetics: Esoteric Philosophy and Magic. “The secret of the logic of these Hermetic Philosophers is based upon Truth and so speaks to the Intuition as well as the (enlightened intellect)”. ( in contrast to unenlightened philosophies based upon elaborate logical structures).

“Have Me in mind and whatever thou wouldst learn, I will teach thee”. Hermes of the Greeks, who would be related to the Egyptian Thoth, is the Archetypal Leader, Teacher and Illuminator. In Alexandria, Thoth was considered to be the lord of books and learning; and Oversoul of all Priests. Pymander, in fact, means, ‘Shepherd of Men’. Thoth displayed no aspect of cunning or trickery.

(Shiva; Transmuter-Destroyer) In that illumination dispels the darkness, and enlightened intellect quells the fear of the unknown; disperser of the (forces) of darkness who holds at bay the (forces of) the underworld; mighty winged being with sword aloft; of the Quarter of Fire, (facing south); who is to be called upon whenever assaulted; by unbalanced forces of nature, by danger, or by an up-rushing adverse aspect of one’s own self.

Asclepius (the Healer): The Orange Ray is Transmutation and Alchemy; the object of Alchemy being the Transformation of Encumbered Essence into Rectified Purification and thence Regeneration of the Wholesomeness (and subsequently, Return to the State of Good Health). With this in Mind, the Angel would be Raphael: God is our Healing.

The God-Name is Elohim Tzabaoth: God of Hosts. The beings are the Beni Elohim: Sons of God(s). It is borne on the Orange Ray of Hermetics (Esoteric Philosophy and Magic), of the Order of Prometheus.

A most interesting aspect of Hod is the relationship with the Green Ray of Orphics (nature mysticism and Art) of the Order of Melchizedek, corresponding to Netzach (Aphrodite) whose God-Name is Jehovah Tzabaoth: Lord of Hosts; and their relation to the Purple Ray of devotional mysticism (Christianity), corresponding to Yesod. Taken together, the three Sephiroth of Consciousness represent something akin to the ‘right and left attributes of the mind (which form the ‘Hermes + Aphrodite = Hermaphrodite’) and the ‘heart’ which completes the triune psyche of alchemical advancement.