Our Teachers

We are proud to offer classes taught by Qualified Teachers. All of our Teachers are verified by our tight Quality standards and have completed years of understudy in order to fully appreciate the expansive potential of Metaphysical Qabalah, both today and for the future of our society.

Katlin Hecox for MQ

Katlin Hecox

MA, Clinical Psychology; LMFT; LMBT; EMDR; CBTChemical Dependency and Substance Abuse;

Grief and Bereavement;


LGBT Issues

Mrs. Badguns; Photo by L.A.Huffman    

 Omozukai AKI

Reiki: Master Teacher

Certified Medium 


Talismanic Crafter

Adeptus Minor

Principium Rerum

In addition to on-line Courses, our Metaphysical Qabalah personnel each have featured Services, such as Healing Modalities, Spagyric Herbal specialties, Mediumistic talents, and Counseling and Health-related services are available from each.

the Round Tree of Metaphysical Qabalah