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MQ Classroom (June 2018)

the Round Tree of Metaphysical QabalahYou’re invited to attend June’s MQ Classroom, Metaphysical Qabalah’s live Learning Experience. Qabalah is a very extensive study and Metaphysical Qabalah just may be the most efficient gateway for the Western way of thinking.

Class takes place in the David Associates boardroom at the Northwest Plaza office suites (on the side nearest the bike-path and car-wash). It is open to the public and free to attend (of course, small donations are always appreciated to help defer the room-cost). You might like to take notes or bring a digital device as we are discussing the principles and practicalities of contemporary Qabalah.

Class begins at 1:00 pm and goes to around 3:30-4:00-ish. The address is 2311 West Cone Blvd., Greensboro NC, 27408. If you need some more info you can call Kat at 336-740-5322. or John at 336-388-5830.

March Classroom: notes and musings

Metaphysical Qabalah Classroom met (3/25/2018) and following a short (but exiting) business meeting discussed subjects such as Fractal History and the Evolution of Intelligent Machines; Black Light and the penetration of Earth Plane density; the Ether Body, it’s care and advancement; the Life and Evolutionary Force of Metals and their symbiosis with Carbon based life; Dynamic Systems & Chaos Theory. There was a short introduction to Integral Theory, vis-a-vis System Dynamics.

We were glad to convene in our awesome Classroom setting, which did indeed have electricity and heat. MQ was almost displaced this month  amid freak snowstorms, power outages, and road closings but we made it and had a great time. It is always good to see everybody!


Lindley Park Outing

After a little side-trip to Quaker College (and here) and the Greensboro Arboretum, the MQ Crew gathered at Sticks and Stones at the edge of the Lindley Park Neighborhood for some scrumptious vegetarian fare. Lindley Park is, of course, awesome. You are likely to encounter sculpture around almost any corner. Urban Sculpture is a Gifted Art-form from the beloved Librarian of the Venusian Plane. Much thought has gone into the development of Urban Sculpture on our Planet (the Earth Plane).  It is a sign of both Culture and hipness. In addition to several rather hip-looking businesses on the outskirts of the Neighborhood, we saw a street musician playing his guitar and singing through the harmonica. The Arboretum has grown up over the years and has really matured into a beautiful green-space. All of these are jewels in the city’s crown.