The Sephirah Chesed

The fourth Sephirah of Divine Emanation, known as the Sephirah Chesed. It is the first Sephirah of the formative world where forces cohere into forms and from here attain greater density of manifestation. Thus known as The Cohesive Intelligence from whence emanates all rulership over the worlds of forms: a ‘concrete spirit’ and the Sphere of The Masters.

The College of Masters forms the upper reaches of the planetary hierarchy of human beings, just as the Archangels form the upper reaches of the Angelic and Elemental hierarchy. The esoteric grade is Adeptus Exemptus.

The God-Name is Al or El, the presiding Angel is Tsadkiel (from Tzedek, “Righteous”) and the beings are the Chasmalim (the Brilliant Ones). It represents Love, Majesty and Magnificence and the spiritual experience is Vision of Love.

The Sephirah Gevurah

The fifth Sephirah of Divine Emanation is known as Geburah (or Gevurah).

The Sephirah Gevurah involves the qualities of assessment and adjustment, as a clear-eyed calculation of the Truth. There is no sentencing or punishment involved. The appropriate frame of reference is calm detachment. Energy is required. Courage may help.

Why does courage help? Because without it there may be pachad. Pachad occurs where one knows one is out of tune. There is no fear with True Faith. Afraid to look is faltering.

In embodied Humans this involves the five senses: indeed, Madim governs the five senses. These are the bases by which we determine objectivity for all that is tangible. Madim rules Science.

The Assessing Force establishes relations between opposites and is a benefit. [comment: it exists in Mai Ai between uke and tori.] This readjusting and balancing force is said to be omnipotent and omniscient.

Perhaps the safest way to address this Force is through Seraphim. The Angel is the Protector of the weak and the wronged; this Angel is known by the name Khamael and is also the Avenging Angel who pursues transgressors of human or Cosmic Law, through consciousness.

the Sephirah Tiphareth

The Sephirah Tiphareth is the Sixth and Central Sephirah on the Tree of Life. Its domain is Growth and Beauty and it is home to the Solar Genii. The presiding Archangel is Mikael, “Who Is Like Unto God”.

“A connection to Divinity occurs in Tiphareth. According to The Qabbalistic Tree of Life, Tiphareth is the Sphere of The Sun. Therefore, The Sphere of The Sun is the Sphere in which the Magus can achieve Divine Unification. In the Qabbalistic Tree of Life it literally states that the Magus must have traveled halfway back to God….Then on the second half of the journey, God will meet him ‘halfway, so that it comes to a Divine Unification. This does not mean that it comes to a unification with a personified God, rather knowledge and wisdom, might and power are united into one.” (Franz Bardon)

The Sephirah Netzach

The Seventh Sephirah of Divine Emanation is known as Netzach: Victory. It is referred to as The Occult Intelligence and said to be ‘a Refulgent Splendor of the Psyche, perceived by the eyes of the Intellect and the Contemplation of Faith’.

It is the force of Creative Imagination (of special interest to all Artists and Creative Workers); a Sephirah of the Perfect Balance of force and Form.

Awareness of this Perfect Balance produces Joy and Fulfillment and a Spiritual Experience of The Vision of Beauty Triumphant.

Divine Love and the Favor of God are the Spiritual Experiences here. The Orders are the Archai; the Spirits of Personality. The Holy Godname is Jehovah Tzabauth, Lord of Hosts and the Archangel is Hanael: God is our Grace. Netzach is Rightly Associated with Friendship and Brotherly Love.

It has been described, very balanced, as a Moist Fire and a Fiery Moisture: the Joy of Creation -a satisfying delight in the awareness of the life-force (whether Art, Music, Magic or whatever), the energy of Netzach ensouls the Images of Hod.

The Sephirah Hod

The eight Sephirah of Divine Emanation, known as Hod, or the Absolute Perfect Intelligence, relates to the Forms of concrete Mind and Intellect. (Its forms are perfect, symbolically). Hod is a ‘form’ Sephirah featuring picture images; all pictorial systems, such as the Hebrew letters, astrological signs, the Tarot (book of Thoth), and all the god-forms.

All Philosophies are under the auspices of Hod, as well, as they are conceptual formalities; and their only credifier is whether they are true or false: Truth being the Virtue of this Sephirah and falsehood being the vice. A specialty tradition has emerged in this case, that being Hermetics: Esoteric Philosophy and Magic. “The secret of the logic of these Hermetic Philosophers is based upon Truth and so speaks to the Intuition as well as the (enlightened intellect)”. ( in contrast to unenlightened philosophies based upon elaborate logical structures).

“Have Me in mind and whatever thou wouldst learn, I will teach thee”. Hermes of the Greeks, who would be related to the Egyptian Thoth, is the Archetypal Leader, Teacher and Illuminator. In Alexandria, Thoth was considered to be the lord of books and learning; and Oversoul of all Priests. Pymander, in fact, means, ‘Shepherd of Men’. Thoth displayed no aspect of cunning or trickery.

(Shiva; Transmuter-Destroyer) In that illumination dispels the darkness, and enlightened intellect quells the fear of the unknown; disperser of the (forces) of darkness who holds at bay the (forces of) the underworld; mighty winged being with sword aloft; of the Quarter of Fire, (facing south); who is to be called upon whenever assaulted; by unbalanced forces of nature, by danger, or by an up-rushing adverse aspect of one’s own self.

Asclepius (the Healer): The Orange Ray is Transmutation and Alchemy; the object of Alchemy being the Transformation of Encumbered Essence into Rectified Purification and thence Regeneration of the Wholesomeness (and subsequently, Return to the State of Good Health). With this in Mind, the Angel would be Raphael: God is our Healing.

The God-Name is Elohim Tzabaoth: God of Hosts. The beings are the Beni Elohim: Sons of God(s). It is borne on the Orange Ray of Hermetics (Esoteric Philosophy and Magic), of the Order of Prometheus.

A most interesting aspect of Hod is the relationship with the Green Ray of Orphics (nature mysticism and Art) of the Order of Melchizedek, corresponding to Netzach (Aphrodite) whose God-Name is Jehovah Tzabaoth: Lord of Hosts; and their relation to the Purple Ray of devotional mysticism (Christianity), corresponding to Yesod. Taken together, the three Sephiroth of Consciousness represent something akin to the ‘right and left attributes of the mind (which form the ‘Hermes + Aphrodite = Hermaphrodite’) and the ‘heart’ which completes the triune psyche of alchemical advancement.


Yesod is the Ninth Sephirah on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  It is called The Pure Intelligence. It Purifies the Emanations; and Proves and Corrects the Designing of their Representations.

The Sephirah of the Etheric plane, the Powerhouse and Machinery of the physical world. Yesod, as the Etheric Matrix, Holds the framework in which the particles of dense matter are enmeshed. It (the Etheric) has an energy of Integration which co-ordinates the physical molecules, etc. into an organism, it has a Vitality. Living things, animals, plants and minerals are its products.

The Etheric body has the power to feel, not the physical body. Protoplasm, which shows its presence in response to stimuli (hence; fibrous nerve tissue)… the formation of a nervous system is caused by an admixture of Astral with Etheric force: thus it is only rudimentary in plants and even more so in minerals.

All have their structure built and held by the Etheric Web or Network, thus it is the ‘Foundation’. Since the structure is built from this station, Yesod may be said to hold the Image of everything that exists in the physical world.

The Ether, in Yesod, also has the power to alter the Images or change the physical body. The ‘Supreme Integrated Image’ in Yesod is that of the “Luminous Image of The Creator”, which is shone forth and concealed in the physical world: Almighty Living God.

The Etheric; Images of pre-physical manifestation of all the higher manifestations; and all the vast body of teachings about the Moon and Moon Magic belong to Yesod.

The God-Name is ‘Shaddai El Chai’ which is traditionally translated as ‘Almighty Living God’. The Beings are the ‘Kerubim’: the Strong. The Orders are the Angeloi: Messengers. The virtue is Independence and the title is ‘Treasure House of Images’. The Spiritual Experience is: Vision of the Machinery of the Universe.

The Archangel is Gabriel (God is our Strength): Who Gives the Powers of Visions. He can be imagined as Silvery-White with Liquid Silver and Peacock swirls of Blue and Green, in order to bring on Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. His Telesmatic Image may be transformed into an enormous Silvery-White Pillar, which may then be transformed into an immense 9-sided Silver Crystal, reflecting Silver and Blue-Green light.

The complete understanding of the mechanisms which work the body, so that it may be cured in sickness, maintained in health, rejuvenated when old, are contained in Yesod (the Etheric Foundation) behind the physical Kingdom in Malkuth.

It has also much to do with the growth of plants. [The increase in radioactivity and radioactive fallout is having the effect of rendering the Etheric levels less dense. In addition it is becoming easier for Spirit to interpenetrate into the dense physical sheaths.]