the Round Tree of Metaphysical Qabalah

Metaphysical Science is a practical thought technology which enables the deliberate targeting of specific objectives with precise, intentional results, whether they reside in the conscious or sub-conscious states, in everything from memories, imagination and thought patterns; to broader conceptual horizons, expanded functioning and intelligence; to Spiritual attainment and gifted abilities; as well as pragmatic, utilitarian concerns dealing with enhanced opportunities for business, finance and career; physical performance and health; or happiness and success in romance, relationship and social activities.

Utilizing esemplastic synthesis in contemporaneous integrative modalities, the practioner is able to personally select and safely relate to any aspect of Living Consciousness on any plane of existence at any level of density or vibration for the development and/or stimulation (or reduction/ removal) of objectified treatment goals and beneficial results. The outcome is always positive and likely superlative.