Metaphysical Qabalah

The fifth Sephirah of Divine Emanation is known as Geburah (or Gevurah).

     The Sephirah Geburah involves the qualities of  assessment and adjustment, as a clear-eyed calculation of the Truth.  There is no sentencing or punishment involved.  The appropriate frame of reference is calm detachment.  Energy is required.  Courage may help.
     Why does courage help?  Because without it there may be pachad.  Pachad occurs where one knows one is out of tune.  There is no fear with True Faith.  Afraid to look is faltering.
     In embodied Humans this involves the five senses: indeed, Madim governs the five senses.  These are the bases by which we determine objectivity for all that is tangible.  Madim rules Science.
      The Assessing Force establishes relations between opposites and is a benefit.  [comment: it exists in Mai Ai between uke and tori.]  This readjusting and balancing force is said to be omnipotent and omniscient.
     Perhaps the safest way to address this Force is through Seraphim.  The Angel is the Protector of the weak and the wronged; this Angel is known by the name Khamael and is also the Avenging Angel who pursues transgressors of human or Cosmic Law, through  consciousness.