Metaphysical Qabalah

The fourth Sephirah of Divine Emanation, known as Chesed. It is the first sephirah of the formative world where forces cohere into forms and from here attain greater density of manifestation.  Thus known as The Cohesive Intelligence from whence emanates all rulership over the worlds of forms: a 'concrete spirit' and the Sphere of The Masters.

     The College of Masters forms the upper reaches of the planetary hierarchy of human beings, just as the Archangels form the upper reaches of the Angelic and Elemental hierarchy.  The esoteric grade is Adeptus Exemptus.
     The God-Name is Al or El, the presiding Angel is Tsadkiel and the beings are the Chasmalim(the Brilliant Ones).  It represents Love, Majesty and Magnificence and the spiritual experience is Vision of Love.